Hello, I'm Nisnow, and welcome to my portfolio! I do a lot of stuff, from illustration, graphic design, and organizing zines. I love experimenting with new things and learning anything I can.I focus on illustrating the magic in the mundane through bright colors, detailed backgrounds, and dynamic lighting. I'm also the writer and artist of an original steampunk-fantasy slice-of-life illustrated novel called The Clockmaker's Daughter about how an engineer rekindles his love for his craft while raising a family by himself. The drawing above is the cover and you can read it below :)


graphic design

who is the steamworks family?

A genius engineer who lost his spark... a chaotic girl too smart for her own good... a war machine-turned-housekeeper... and a lazy dragon dog.This ain't your ordinary family!

Dr. Kala

Dr. Kala is a renowned marine engineer of the Stormchasers, an organization dedicated to the survival and research of a post-apocalyptic, flooded world, whose work has protected hundreds of people in this desolate world. After the death of his spouse two years ago devastated him, Kala struggles to rekindle his love for his craft and must learn to accept his past if he is to find that passion again.One day, while cleaning the attic, he stumbles upon an old rejected machine, SG-419 "Frank", and through their adventures he finds himself again while raising his chaotic family.


Vani is Dr. Kala's daughter, a rambunctious yet brilliant young girl who uses her intelligence to cause more problems than solve them.She discovered her love for the craft after taking apart her family’s kitchen sink and finding her father’s old projects in the attic. Since then, she’s been paving her path as a blooming engineer just like her father.

SG-419 "Frank"

SG-419, also known as Frank, is a Storm Guardian war machine — a supersoldier automaton created to defend people from terrible storms and sea monsters — that got repurposed into a housekeeper and babysitter.SG-419 was a rejected design created by Dr. Kala Elianafosten and his wife that was stored away in Dr. Kala’s attic until his daughter, Vani, found them, powered them back on, and renamed them Frank.Programmed to protect people, Frank detected Kala’s grief from the death of his spouse and began to take care of him and his daughter.



Combining my love of art, science, and technology with a steampunk/solarpunk academia vibe.

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Nisnow is an illustrator and writer based in Seattle, WA focused on stories of slice-of-life steampunk/fantasy through bright colors, detailed backgrounds, and dramatic lighting. They are currently designing their own original illustrated novel, The Clockmaker's Daughter, about how an engineer in a post-apocalyptic world regains his love for his craft.


Illustrators of the Future Semi-FinalistWriter, Artist, and Designer of original illustrated novel The Clockmaker's Daughter
Project lead of Full Steam Ahead! zine
Project lead of Beyond the Sky: a Xenoblade Chronicles travel zine
Organizer of Winds of Hoenn Pokémon fanzine
Cover Artist of Our Greatest Treasure: Paldea Pokémon fanzine
Promotional illustrator for Nomtendo: Nintendo Cookbook
Character Artist for Ghostfire Gaming
Illustrator for Man on the Internet (YouTube Channel)

original artwork

booth setup



Nisnow is a 23-year-old software engineer, freelance illustrator, totally-sane writer, and graphic designer based in Seattle, Washington. They love drawing slice-of-life illustrations in fantasy and steampunk settings with bright colors, dramatic lighting, and detailed backgrounds.They have worked as a freelance illustrator and character designer for private clients, YouTube channels, and gaming companies, and are the project lead for the Full Steam Ahead! zine and Beyond the Sky: a Xenoblade Chronicles travel zine. Nisnow is now working on their own original illustrated novel.Other than drawing, they enjoy worldbuilding, creating languages, making terrible clever puns, reading obscure Wikipedia articles at ungodly hours, and spreadsheets. Nisnow can never get enough coffee and boba tea.Ominous third-person writing aside, you can reach out to me at phantomnisnow@gmail.com or through Instagram direct messages.


Illustrators of the Future Semi-Finalist


Writer, Artist, and Designer of original illustrated novel The Clockmaker's Daughter (set for 2024 release)
Project lead of Full Steam Ahead! zine
Project lead of Beyond the Sky: a Xenoblade Chronicles travel zine
Organizer of Winds of Hoenn Pokémon fanzine
Cover Artist of Our Greatest Treasure: Paldea Pokémon fanzine
Promo Artist for Nomtendo: Nintendo Cookbook


Ghostfire Gaming
Man on the Internet
Total Party Chill
Everingot Almanac

upcoming events 2024

Rinjin Art Market - Seattle, WA (May 5)
Momocon - Atlanta, GA (May 24--27) - Table AA-418
Lilac City Comic Con - Spokane, WA (June 1--2) - Table A3
Smol Art Mart - Seattle, WA (June 8--9) - Table 74
San Diego Comic Con - San Diego, CA (July 25--28) -
AA Table BB-13
Dragon Con - Atlanta, GA (Aug 29--Sept 2) -
Art Show/Anime District TBA

past events

C2E2 - Chicago, IL - Artist Alley 2024
Sakuracon - Seattle, WA - Exhibitor 2024
Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle, WA - Artist Alley 2024
Kumoricon - Portland, OR - Small Press 2023
Rose City Comic Con - Portland, OR - Artist Alley 2023



- Payment upfront, non-refundable
- No feedback
- Delivery in 1--2 weeks after payment
- Simple/abstract background only (for options below)
- I can draw just about anything (yes, even mechs and light NSFW) but have preferences for humanoid characters
- I DO NOT DRAW: explicit NSFW, sensitive themes, heavy gore, horror, other art styles than mine

terms of service

- All commissioned pieces are for PERSONAL USE ONLY
- Do not claim my artwork as your own.
- Please reach out to me for commercial rights/usage
- I do not consent to any of my artwork being minted as NFTs or to be involved in any crypto-adjacent usage, regardless of licensing.
- I do not consent to have my art involved with AI or machine learning/training.

Full body (11x17)

Color: $300 | Black and white: $150
Print + ship: +$10

chibi (8x8)

Print + ship: +$10
Full color with no shading

portrait (5x7)

Color: $100| Black and white: $50
Print + ship: +$10