Hello, I'm Nisnow, and welcome to my portfolio! I do a lot of stuff, from illustration, graphic design, and organizing zines. I love experimenting with new things and learning anything I can.I focus on environmental, character-driven illustrations with bright colors and dynamic lighting. I'm currently working on an original fantasy illustrated novel called Aria of War about how two nerds in love unravel the dark secrets of their society to save the world. The drawing above is a sneak peek :)


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Full Steam ahead!

Full Steam Ahead! is a collaborative zine of art, merchandise, and writing organized from Nov. 2021 -- Dec. 2022. It focuses on female and nonbinary original characters in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) hard at work, with a focus on environmental art and character-focused stories. There were over 25 artists and 10 writers involved in this project. $819.00 USD was raised for the Malala Fund as a result of this project.I was the project lead who handled the overall organization, graphic design and branding, book design and layout, finances, production, and fulfillment of orders.


Nisnow is a software engineer, freelance illustrator, totally-sane writer, and graphic designer based in Seattle, Washington. They love drawing dynamic, narrative-focused illustrations with bright colors and are always looking to learn more and improve their craft.They have worked as a freelance illustrator and character designer for several private clients, YouTube channels, and gaming companies, and are the project lead for the Full Steam Ahead! zine and Beyond the Sky: a Xenoblade Chronicles travel zine.Other than drawing, they enjoy worldbuilding, creating languages, making terrible clever puns, reading obscure Wikipedia articles at ungodly hours, and spreadsheets. Nisnow can never get enough coffee and boba tea.Ominous third-person writing aside, you can reach out to me at phantomnisnow@gmail.com or through Twitter direct messages.


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upcoming events 2023

UW Winter Makers Fair (Feb. 22)
Norwescon 45 (April 6--9)
Jordancon (April 21--23)
Rose City Comic Con (Sep 22--24)
Grit City Comic Show (Nov. 11)